There are no large scale Industries or Factories at Santipur. But deep Endeavour to set up big Industries is always seen among the residents of Santipur. Cottage Industries of Santipur are World famous and acquired well reputation. The main cottage Industry of Santipur is weaving. This weaving work is about to contemporary of human living at Santipur. The required raw materials of weaving work are grown here. Among the other industries of Santipur the "Amulet" which is popularly known as "Maduli" Industry was remarkable. Besides washing of handloom clothes, woolen sheets and shawls etc. were other remarkable cottage Industries of Santipur.

For wide popularity of Handloom Clothes of Santipur the East India Company established on "clothes kuti " at Santipur for their business of Handloom Clothes in 1830. Besides they set up one Neel Kuti here for their business of "Neel". The relics of the said Neel Kuti are still found at Santipur . There is no church of old days for no burial ground of the Christens. All the weavers who were solely engaged with the supply of handloom clothes from the clothes kuti that the area is still known as Kutir para.

     The communication of Santipur to all the area of our Country was done on water ways . At first boats were used. All the places like Fulia, Babla and others were connected with water ways. On running of steamer, regular steamer runs from Santipur to Kolkata. Still there is a Ganges ghat which is known as Steamer Ghat. One narrow gauge Rail line was connected with Santipur from Anhstola by the side of Ranaghat on 05-04-1899. As a result of it Santipur to Kolkata Railway connection was set up.