Santipur under’ the Ranaghat Sub-Division in the District of Nadia in West Bengal is a place of ancient culture, religion, tradition and it has glory of its own. Lord Sri Chaitannya comes to Santipur at Adwaita Path (known as Babla) to take lesson of Sanskrit from Adwaitya Acharya. It may be added herein that Lord Sri Chaitannya when he was going to Sri Khetra (Puri) came to Santipur and stayed seven (7) days with Adwaitya Acharya at Adwaita Path. It was the sacred place where Lord Bijoy Krishna Goswami passed his glorious days of life with religious activities. Its geographical situation is 23°14´24˝ North latitude and 88°29´06˝ longitude. Its situation is very near to the tropic of cancer. There are 10 numbers of Gram Panchayet and 1 Municipality named Santipur Municipality under Santipur Police Station.
             Its formation has been made by the silt of River Hooghly or Bhagirathi. Its soil is sandy and no low hight hills, heap or any up and down land are found here. There are no gravel in the soil of it. Babul, spinach and some trees with prickle are its normal plants.
Why its name is Santipur that cannot be said rightly. Normally it is said that in 8th century (probably in 737 Christian era) one high ranking saint named "Shantiban" or "Shantomuni" lived here. According to his name its name is "Santipur". On the other hand a lot of persons remarked that this place is called as Santipur because of its clam quite and crowdless condition. This place was very healthy. It may be stated that newly formed chief of the East India Company or Governor William Hedge came twice at Santipur by boat in 1682 and 1683 and stayed at night.