Santipur is called as "Festival Town". Several Festivals are held throughout the year at Santipur. The meaning of so called proverb " 13'h Festivals in Twelve Months" is rightly applicable at Santipur. Santipur is also famous for harmony of several religions and it is a sacred place for religious activities of Lord Sri Chaitanyya and Adwaitya Acharya.

          The main feature of Festival of Santipur is oriented in religious thinking and unity of folk culture. There are no differences of opinion between the Baishnab and Shakta community at Santipur. It is seen in the several festivals of Santipur. So on the occasion of famous Rash Jatra Festival the Idols of Radha Krishna, Goddess Kali Mata, Satyanarayan, Sarabhuja and many other Idols are worshipped and take part in the procession of "Bhanga Rash". Jagadhattri Puja is famous at Sutragarh. Santipur and several Idols take part in the procession of Jagadhattri Mata.

         The main festival of Santipur is "Rash". Most of the deities with colorful dresses and golden ornaments take part in the procession at the night of "Bhanga Rash". The deities and "Rairaja" of Santipur are very glamorous items of Rash. Another charming item of Rash is the painted photo of "Patteswari Mata". Besides the other seasonal worships such as Bramha, Annapurna, Ganesh Janani and Nitya Kali etc. are very attractive worships of Santipur. Also Bagdevi Mela is famous at Santipur.

..........Two big bamboos are worshipped at Malancha area of Sutragarh on last Sunday of Bengali month Baisakha. Both the bamboos are lying side by side on the ground but it does not touch each other. This is called Gajir Miya's Marriage. Both community of Hindus and Muslims gather here and worship the bamboos and pray for fulfillment of their wishes. One big Mela is also held here for the said occasion and thousands of religious persons from Santipur and outside Santipur congregated here. Also the Mohoram festival of Santipur is very famous.