The culture of Santipur is a part of the total culture of Bengal. Certain Characteristics of culture of Santipur has enriched the culture of Bengal.

The speaking language of Santipur is the best production of the culture of Santipur. Some eminent persons of our Country have rightly remarked that only the people of Santipur perfectly speak in Bengali language. The ancient poet named Krittibas Ojha of Santipur wrote the Ramayana in Bengali language at first in our Country. It is a great contribution of Santipur to the culture of Bengal. The culture of Santipur is mainly oriented with religious thinking and devotion. Another aspect of culture of Santipur is love and eager of its residents in several Festivals. The people of Santipur try to focus themselves through their festivals. High quality Songs, Kirtans and Dramas of Santipur also enriched the culture of Santipur.